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Maximizing ROI in the Digital Marketplace


As a business owner, you are very aware that the global brands are investing billions of dollars annually, to improve their digital strategy, while harvesting trillions of dollars from the Internet because of it, by interacting daily with consumers ready to buy their products and/or services. Our recommendation is to NOT get left behind or lose ground to these revenue giants in your local markets. Why? The answer is because you don’t have too. Sometimes only spending a few hundred dollars can help you beat out the national brands, and stay one step ahead of your competition, while winning more profitable revenue today, and in the future.


Now more than ever, local consumers still appreciate the “timeless” personalized attention that local and midsized businesses can offer, thus consumers are diligently seeking them out daily on the Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Ask, AOL, Baidu, Dogpile, Yandex, and Webcrawler). Based on our humble opinion, we believe that 98% of consumers make buying decisions online and the majority use Google. Google claims that 92%, but our expertise tells us it is much higher than that. However, if you are relying on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Paid Advertising; like Pay Per Click, Cost Per Click, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Dex, Yellow Pages, Directories, etc…) or traditional ads (Cable TV, Radio, News Paper, Directories, etc…) to compel a consumer to contact your business, most likely you are losing profitable sales revenue daily!  The answer is a Digital Strategy with emphasis on an Optimized Website Design, proper Website Development, and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.


Did You Know Web Facts


Although Digital Lead Source offers the same services (Website Design, Website Development, and SEO) that the design and development companies supporting the Global Brands, we have decided to support the local business owners interested in growth, success, and closing profitable sales revenue today and in the future. The local market is crying out for someone to help with their internet presence. We have met customers who have spent over $10,000 on their website, and did not have one prospective customer derived exclusively from their website. We can create a digital brochure for $250. However, if you want to monetize your website, and grow traction in your local market, and increase the size of your digital footprint, then we offer the most affordable solutions to exceed your needs.


Most companies trying to sell them are from out of state, or are specialists at making a website look good. We are the local trusted advisor offering the right mix of digital services to help businesses like yours to attract customers from the Search Engines & Internet and grow their business! Digital Lead Source is a "One-Stop-Shop" WEBMASTER, for the small business owner’s digital marketing needs!  We have been providing the best and most affordable solutions to local for over 12 years; focused on maximizing ROI.  We are an innovative company with a proprietary strategy and distinct tactical approach. We are currently seeking motivated business owners interested in interacting with more prospective customers.




Our Primary Responsibility


We like to say that we can harvest prospective customers from the Search Engines and the Internet, and increase the number of daily interactions with consumers in your area, who are qualified and ready to buy your products and/ or services. ROI starts with optimizing the website design, and this becomes our foundation. If combined with proper website development, and efficient and effective SEO tactics, we will increase the number of interactions your sales team is having is consumers interested in buying your products and/or services.


Since maximizing ROI is the most important aspect of our service, our primary specialty is to help grow profitable sales revenue for your business. Our focus is getting a consumers attention in less than 8 seconds, and redirecting those consumers to your place of business.


We deliver a full menu of internet advertising solutions, including Search Engine Marketing on Google (SEM), Behavioral/Geographic/Retargeting Display ad placements, full Social Media engagement, Mobile and Website Optimization services, Website Development services, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to position your business on the top of the first page rankings, to drive traffic to your business! We prefer saving you money, because most SEM strategies can be expensive and elicit few actual qualified consumers interested in buying your products and/or services, so our emphasis is focused on an “organic” based SEO rather than a “subscription” based SEM. Ask us about the details of this money saving, yet effective, strategy & approach.




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